Sample Free Progress and Arithmetic Tests

The sample Progress and Arithmetic Tests to help you to gather information on students progress against the National Curriculum and the 2016 Program of Study 2016.

Supports the progress measurement against the NAHT assessment framework KPI's, Lancashire Half-termly Program of Study and STAT Sheffield KPI measurements.

Attainment Domains:
NPV: Number and place value; C-AS: Calculations - Addition and Subtraction; C-MD: Calculations - Multiplication and Division; F: Fractions; M: Measurement; G: Geometry - Properties of shapes; P: Geometry - Position and direction; S: Statistics; R: Ratio and proportion; A: Algebra

The Tests:

  • confirm teacher observations and judgement
  • provide half and end of term measures of progress
  • includes easy to use question answers and marking scheme
  • provide attainment domain reference as specified by the National Curriculum
  • show progress and attainment using the five indicators: Beginning; Developing; Progressing; Confident and Outstanding.

Excellent value - developed by teachers to support teacher judgement and identify students strengths and weaknesses.