Progress Tests: Year 1 to Year 6

Half-termly progress tests will help you to gather information on students progress against the National Curriculum and the 2016 Program of Study 2016.
Presented in six half-termly tests for every year and include reasoning and arithmetic questions mapped to the National Curriculum. 

Supports the progress measurement against the NAHT assessment framework KPI's, Lancashire Half-termly Program of Study and STAT Sheffield KPI measurements.  

Attainment Domains:
NPV: Number and place value ; C-AS: Calculations - Addition and Subtraction ; C-MD: Calculations - Multiplication and Division ; F: Fractions; M: Measurement; G: Geometry - Properties of shapes; P: Geometry - Position and direction; S: Statistics; R: Ratio and proportion; A: Algebra

The Progress Tests:

  • confirm teacher observations and judgement
  • provide half-termly measures of progress
  • includes easy to use question answers and marking scheme
  • provide attainment domain reference as specified by the National Curriculum
  • show progress and attainment using the five indicators: Beginning; Developing; Progressing; Confident and Outstanding.

Excellent value - developed by teachers to support teacher judgement and identify students strengths and weaknesses.